Sunday, July 15, 2007

francisco lopez and matt shoemaker

Friday the 13th (July, 2007) turned out to be a very fortunate day for those in
attendance for the Francisco Lopez / Matt Shoemaker performance at Steve
Peter's lovely Chapel Performance Space (at the Good Shepard Center, Seattle).
Matt launched everyone into transcendental states of consciousness with
his mixture of deep vibrational electronics, intense hyperdimensional crescendoes
and occasional field recordings punctuating the journey along the way;
then Francisco jolted everyone awake who happened to still be buzzing from
Matt's performance, with mega-scale multi-channel sound design that would floor
even the best sound engineers working in the film industry.
This was not the ".absolute." drone fields we've come to know from Francisco of
years past. This was a new Lopez, taking his concept of ".absolute." listening
experience several levels ahead, thereby taking the audience on a rollercoaster
ride through larger-than-life sonic environments in a similar way as CGI special
effects can in the latest Hollywood films, although without the cliches and
"cheese factor" elements inherent with most Hollywood flicks...

If you get a chance to catch Francisco on any of his latest tours,
I HIGHLY recommend it!

Coming next in the release schedule:
(and/27) Francisco Lopez: Wind [Patagonia]