Sunday, August 26, 2007

new subdivisions: either/OAR & mOAR

As some of you may have also noticed on the main page
of the a/O site, that there used to be a link to the website
(still under construction) for the new sublabel called
either/OAR. I have replaced it with a link to the other
new sublabel called mOAR since it seems to have become
more active with several releases already planned for late
2007 and early 2008. Meanwhile, I'm still searching for
the right work to release on e/O, which means that
DEMOS ARE BEING ACCEPTED. Yes, you heard that right!

either/OAR will focus upon pure instrumentation (hopefully
more acoustic than electric) by way of modern minimal
composed or improvised work, soundtracks, installations, etc.
I will also accept electronic work provided that it fits within
the aesthetic I have envisioned for the label. This could take
awhile to find the right kind of work that I am looking for...

And then there is the new genre-melding electronic and
experimental music sub-label of and/OAR called mOAR