Saturday, November 17, 2007

"shut up and listen!" festival

Thanks to Bernhard Gál, a sound installation utilizing assorted
field recording tracks from the compilation
series will take place in Vienna, Austria as part of the"Shut Up And
Listen!" festival running from December 4th to the 7th.
There will also be a performance by "Phonographie-Ensemble",
whom I imagine will do a similar thing to what the Phonographers
Unions have done here in the US and UK, which will be field recording
improv-mixing. The Phonographie-Ensemble will be comprised of
Bernhard Gál, Heribert Friedl, Murmer (Patrick McGinley),
Lasse-Marc Riek (Gruenrekorder), Daniel Lercher, Peter Kutin,
and Hannes Raffaseder. Some of these artists will also perform
solo sets and apart from and/OAR &, people like
Christopher Delaurenti will have a room reserved for dedicated
listening to his recent controversial release "Favorite Intermissions",
and Derek Holzer & Sara Kolster will have an installation set up for
their on-going internet/live broadcast field recording project called

For more info, visit the following link:

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

yui onodera: suisei

I am very happy to announce the release of Yui Onodera's Suisei.
And I am very happy with the great job the manufacturer did
with the packaging as well. This serves as a signal to go ahead with
my plan to issue a slew of shorter edition CD releases limited to
300+ copies, so I am very excited, yes I am!

To read about the release, go here:

Friday, November 9, 2007

auf abwegen reviews

It's been discovered that a few reviews are featured in the Spring 2007
issue of Auf Abwegen magazine (in German only).
- Marc Behrens & Paulo Raposo: Hades
- Deupree/Kirschner/Korber/Steinbruchel/Ximm: May 6th, 2001
- Kiyoshi Mizutani: Scenery Of The Border