Thursday, January 6, 2011

Favorites From 2010

and/OAR releases are obviously among the favorites during any given year,

but they are not included in my annual lists.

Top 20 From 2010 (alphabetical by first letter):

- ANDREW CHALK: The Cable House (Faraway Press) CD

- ANDY GRAYDON: Geomancy (mAtter) CD + DVD

- CEDRIC PEYRONNET + TOY BIZARRE ORCHESTRA: kdi dctb 216 [DATA] series (Kaon) 3" CDR x 12

- DANIELLE BAQUET-LONG [AKA Chubby Wolf]: Ornitheology (Digitalis) CT

- ERIC LA CASA: Zone Sensible 2 / Dundee 2 (Room40) CD

- ERNIE ALTHOFF: Colour Chart (Antboy Music) CDR

- FRANCISCO LOPEZ: Machines (Elevator Bath) CD x 2

- JANA WINDEREN: Energy Field (Touch) CD

- LASSE-MARC RIEK: Harbour (Herbal) CD

- LETHE: Catastrophe Point 7 & 8 (Invisible Birds) CD x 2

- MAX EASTLEY: Installation Recordings [1973-2008] (Paradigm Discs) CD x 2

- MICHAEL NORTHAM: Solar Night (Mirror Tapes) CT

- MURAL: Nectars Of Emergence (Sofa) CD

- TRISTRAM CARY: It's Time For Tristram Cary (Trunk) CD


- PIETRO GROSSI: Combinatoria (Die Schachtel) CD x 2

- RICHARD CHARTIER: A Field For Mixing (Room40) CD

- SEIJIRO MURAYAMA & ERIC LA CASA: Supersedure (Hibari Music) CD

- SETH NEHIL: Furl (Sonoris) CD

- THOMAS TILLY / TÔ: Cables & Signs (Fissur) CD

Top 2010 Acquisition Favorites From Previous Years (alphabetical by first letter):

- ARZA ANAIAK: Txalaparta '75 Iraila (Cramps / Strange Days) CD

- CRAIG KUPKA: Clouds - New Music For Relaxation (Folkways) CDR

- DALE GORFINKLE & ROBBIE AVENAIM: Sonic Systems Laboratory (Splitrec) CD



- GIACINTO SCELSI: Quattro Pezzi Per Orchestra / Anahit / Uaxuctum (Accord) CD

- HIROKI SASAJIMA: Nine (self released) CDR

- JACQUES LASRY: Chronophagie (Columbia) LPR

- JOHN MITCHELL: The Way of Eiheiji (Folkways) CDR

- JORGE REYES: The Flayed God (Staalplaat) CD

- JOSEF ANTON RIEDL: Klangregionen 1951-2007 (Edition RZ) CD x 2

- KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN: Musik Im Bauch (Deutsche Grammophon) LPR

- MARC BEHRENS: Sleppet (Cronica) CD

- MICHIKO TOYAMA: Waka And Other Compositions (Folkways) CDR

- MIGUEL ANGEL CORA: En Rouge Et Noir (Cramps / Strange Days) CD

- NINO ROTA: Fellini Satyricon (United Artists) LPR

- PETR KOTIK: First Record (Cramps / Strange Days) CD

- ROLAND KAYN: Electronic Symphony 1-3 (Rieger-Records-Reeks) CD x 2

- VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Tomorrow People (Trunk) CD

- VARIOUS ARTISTS: Folk Music From Sweden: Lockrop & Vallatar (Caprice) CD

Other Favorite Discoveries From Previous Years, But No Physical Copy Yet:

- Akio Suzuki: "Suzuki Type- Glass Harmonica" (Gelbe Musik) CDR

- Alain Kremski: Musiques Rituelles Pour Cloches Et Gongs (Auvidis) LPR

- Dr. Jeffrey Thompson: Sri Yantra (Center for Neuroacoustic Research) CD

- Joel Andrews: The Violet Flame (The Group, Inc) LPR

- Marie-Claude Robert: Supranatural (Editions Montparnasse) LPR

- Master Wilburn Burchette: Psychic Meditation Music (Burchette Brothers) LPR

- Pierre Henry: Spatiodynamisme (Éditions Du Griffon) 7"

- Peter Van Riper: Room Space - New Music For Saxophones (VRBLU) LPR

- Sergio Montori & Gian Paolo Chiti: Quadri Antichi (Duse Records) LPR

- Tchen Gi-Vane: Song Of Une Noyade Et Le Shadow (S3TI Production) CD