Thursday, September 27, 2012

and/OARadio Diffusion: 1 (presented by Dale Lloyd)

Like my set for Secret Thirteen, this playlist contains a loose narrative and unfolds in cinematic fashion. The image above serves to illustrate the nature of the narrative which is otherwise open to interpretation by the listenerIn other words, the entire set should be taken in as a whole, rather than by its individual parts, while at the same time bringing some great and/or interesting music to people's attention. - Dale

1. John Chowning: Stria [excerpt] (IRCAM)
2. Luigi Nono: Contrappunto Dialettico Alla Mente [excerpts] (Deutsche Grammophon)
3. Johann Sebastian Bach: Choral - Erbarm' Dich Mein, O Herre Gott BWV 721 (Erato)
4. Josef Anton Riedl: Aus Silphium [excerpt] (Edition RZ)
5. Tristram Cary: Escalator Music (Trunk Records)
6. Nikki St. George (aka Delia Derbyshire): Homeric Theme (Trunk Records)
7. Daphne Oram: New Atlantis [excerpt] (Young Americans)
8. Aldo Clementi: Parafrasi 2 (Mode)
9. Joji Yuasa: Background Sound Of Central Dome (Edition Omega Point)
10. Tristram Cary: Centre Music (Trunk Records)
11. Sven Erik Back: Parken [from Genom Jorden Genom Havet] (Fylkingen Records)
12. Luigi Nono: Ricorda Cosa Ti Hanno Fatto In Auschwitz [excerpt] (Wergo)
13. Roland Kayn: Equivalence Sonore [excerpt] (Reiger-records-reeks)
14. Johann Sebastian Bach: Schübler Choral - Wer Nur Den Lieben Gott Lässt Walten BWV 647 (Erato)

All other sounds: BBC and CBS Sound Effects Libraries.
Total time: 49:42

NOTE: The sound file is no longer available.