Thursday, June 3, 2010

Olivia Block & Kyle Bruckmann: Teem

catalog number: either/4
title: Teem
format: CD

Bruckmann and Block’s creative relationship dates back to the
recording of Block’s 1999 release Pure Gaze, shortly after both
artists entered into Chicago’s vibrant experimental music
community. Their decision to create a collaborative duo ensued,
but remained in the realm of good intentions until shortly before
Bruckmann’s relocation to the San Francisco Bay Area.
They then began playfully stockpiling sounds from a myriad of
sources, collecting field material, and recording duo improvisations
in various spaces using hallway intercom systems and unorthodox
microphone placements, among other processes and techniques.
This initial activity was followed by five years of collaborative
editing, processing and mixing, resulting in the emergent expanse
that is Teem.