Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dropp Ensemble: Safety

catalog number: either/2
title: Safety
format: CD

The second of the first two either/OAR releases has arrived and is now
available for your enjoyment!

Honestly, it was because of hearing their 7" entitled "Ingen Tid" and this
release as a demo that made me have a relisten to the
second Dropp
Ensemble CD and other Sonderberg productions
of previous years that I
had only given a cursory listen to. I was amazed at how my perception
had shifted.
I basically heard them 'anew' after being 'informed' by "Safety"
and "Ingen Tid". I suddenly knew 'what' to listen for. It was
like being
initiated into some kind of secret knowledge that I
wasn't ready for until
the time was right. Well the right time
is now for the uninitiated and
initiated alike. Welcome to ' Safety'.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Jim Denley & Kim Myhr: Systems Realignment

catalog number: either/1
title: Systems Realignment
format: CD

I’m very happy (and relieved) to finally announce this first release on the
either/OAR division. Ever since I first heard Kim Myhr’s guitar work, I knew
I had to have him launch the new division, not only because he is
so good,
and because he is relatively unknown outside of Norway
and a small group of
international improv people, but also to
set the bar high in paving the way
for things to come on this divison of the label. Last year I jumped at the
chance to publish
this stellar CD of recordings with amazing improv veteran
Jim Denley.

Watch out for these guys live, for they might end up performing at a town
near you, since they are touring quite often these days.

Lasse-Marc Riek: Das Teilen Der Flügel

catalog number: and.p35

title: Das Teilen Der Flügel
release year: 2009


It might be hard to believe at times upon listening , but the next online
release from the main division of and/OAR features one composed work of
field recordings and one straight field recording (again, with
no processing).
Just as the image for this release appears to have been
by a lot of processing, it only features a simple overlay of two
photographs, much like the first track of this release, so
sometimes even
simple things are not what they seem!

Anyway, and/OAR is happy to feature a release by this German sound artist
(and founder of the recording label Gruenrekorder)!
Lasse has not only been
a very active recordist, but he's also been very active in the global field
recording community over the past few years, and has done a lot in helping
raise awareness
about environmental sound and field recording as an artistic
pursuit. We owe a lot to his continued efforts and enthusiasm
It's very impressive.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dale Lloyd interviewed by Tanner Menard

"Dale Lloyd: An Open Book"
After reading the introduction, read the interview by scrolling
back up and clicking the "dale lloyd interview" link above the

Sunday, February 15, 2009

NYC update plus review of performances at The Stone

Olivia Block and Adam Sonderberg @ The Stone, NYC.

The events in NYC went very well and I was very happy with the
performances. Richard Garet was more than a gracious host during my
stay and it was great to hang out with him, Ben Owen, Kamran Sadeghi,
Gill Arno, Adam Sonderberg, Olivia Block, Billy Gomberg and Richard
Kamerman before and after the shows. There are some photos posted
on the a/O MySpace and Facebook pages. Thanks to Sawako for photos
taken at The Stone and thanks to Billy Gomberg for recording the
performances at The Stone. We shall see if any of the recordings will see
the light of day on the a/O site in the future. Unfortunately,
no recordings were made at Diapason.

Brian Olewnick wrote a review of the Stone event:

Ben Owen and Richard Garet @ Diapason, NYC.

Sawako @ The Stone, NYC.

Billy Gomberg @ The Stone, NYC.

Kenneth Kirschner and Asher @ The Stone, NYC.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Christopher DeLaurenti: Found Soundscape: C-SPAN Presidential Inauguration

catalog number: and.p34


title: Found Soundscape: C-SPAN Presidential Inauguration, January 20, 2009
release year: 2009


This was originally posted on Internet, but funny enough as
I sent an e-mail to Chris indicating that I would have liked to have featured the
track as an a/O online release, the file on Internet Archive became corrupted
and had to be removed anyway... So as luck and perfect timing would have it,
here it is on the a/O site for free download!