Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kiyoshi Mizutani & Kiyoharu Kuwayama: Interlude

catalog number: either/6
title: Interlude
format: CD

Celer: Levitation And Breaking Points

catalog number: and/38
artist: CELER
title: Levitation And Breaking Points
format: CD

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Luigi Turra: Ki

catalog number: and/37
title: Ki
format: CD x 3

KI 1: ENSO 48:00

A first version of ENSO was originally released by Small Voices in 2007,
but the release suffered from peak-volume distortion due to being
mastered too loud, plus the use of compression altered the sound of
the work. Here, it is free from distortion and compression. ANCIENT
SILENCE was originally self-released as a limited edition CDR EP in 2007.
Presented here for the first time is the full length version. SHASEKISHU
is a previously unreleased third part of the KI trilogy.

KI traverses and transcends dimensions of time and space, so all
notions of past, present and future defy linear logic. Ephemeral
occurrences turn into frozen memories suspended in the air like clouds
of dust in sunlight. An epic and outstanding example of reductionist
sound cinema. A truly visionary work.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lethe: Dry Ice On Steel Tables

catalog number: either/live2
artist: LETHE
title: Dry Ice On Steel Tables
format: CD

Kiyoharu Kuwayama: dry ice, steel tables & candles.

A remarkable document of a live performance recorded on September
11th, 2003 at No, 20 warehouse, Nagoya Port, Japan. The sounds
heard in this recording were created by Kiyoharu's application of dry
ice to four steel tables which were heated by candles. No electronic
processing or post-production editing of the performance was done.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Between now and the end of March 2011... when you purchase
and/OAR CDs at Experimedia, 100% of the sales money will
go to the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund set up by
Japan Society in New York.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Kraig Grady: Our Rainy Season / Nuilagi

catalog number: either/5
title: Our Rainy Season / Nuilagi
format: CD

Kraig Grady: composer, metallophone
Jim Denley: bass flute, alto saxophone and wooden flute
Mike Majkowski: upright bass
Erin Barnes: metallophone
Jonathan Marmor: metallophone

1. Our Rainy Season (49:12)
2. Nuilagi (25:54)

Kraig Grady is a composer/decomposer/sound explorer. Since 1975 he
has pursued the formation of ensembles of acoustic microtonal
instruments of his own design/modification to explore an interaction with
environmental spaces, the contextual influence of visionary space, and
psychoacoustical pitch phenomena. Seeing personal fulfillment as not
possible within the confines of specialization, he has also engaged
extensively as a shadow puppeteer, tuning theorist, filmmaker, world
music radio DJ and concert promoter. His compositions often include
interactions with his own silent films and shadow plays.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Favorites From 2010

and/OAR releases are obviously among the favorites during any given year,

but they are not included in my annual lists.

Top 20 From 2010 (alphabetical by first letter):

- ANDREW CHALK: The Cable House (Faraway Press) CD

- ANDY GRAYDON: Geomancy (mAtter) CD + DVD

- CEDRIC PEYRONNET + TOY BIZARRE ORCHESTRA: kdi dctb 216 [DATA] series (Kaon) 3" CDR x 12

- DANIELLE BAQUET-LONG [AKA Chubby Wolf]: Ornitheology (Digitalis) CT

- ERIC LA CASA: Zone Sensible 2 / Dundee 2 (Room40) CD

- ERNIE ALTHOFF: Colour Chart (Antboy Music) CDR

- FRANCISCO LOPEZ: Machines (Elevator Bath) CD x 2

- JANA WINDEREN: Energy Field (Touch) CD

- LASSE-MARC RIEK: Harbour (Herbal) CD

- LETHE: Catastrophe Point 7 & 8 (Invisible Birds) CD x 2

- MAX EASTLEY: Installation Recordings [1973-2008] (Paradigm Discs) CD x 2

- MICHAEL NORTHAM: Solar Night (Mirror Tapes) CT

- MURAL: Nectars Of Emergence (Sofa) CD

- TRISTRAM CARY: It's Time For Tristram Cary (Trunk) CD


- PIETRO GROSSI: Combinatoria (Die Schachtel) CD x 2

- RICHARD CHARTIER: A Field For Mixing (Room40) CD

- SEIJIRO MURAYAMA & ERIC LA CASA: Supersedure (Hibari Music) CD

- SETH NEHIL: Furl (Sonoris) CD

- THOMAS TILLY / TÔ: Cables & Signs (Fissur) CD

Top 2010 Acquisition Favorites From Previous Years (alphabetical by first letter):

- ARZA ANAIAK: Txalaparta '75 Iraila (Cramps / Strange Days) CD

- CRAIG KUPKA: Clouds - New Music For Relaxation (Folkways) CDR

- DALE GORFINKLE & ROBBIE AVENAIM: Sonic Systems Laboratory (Splitrec) CD



- GIACINTO SCELSI: Quattro Pezzi Per Orchestra / Anahit / Uaxuctum (Accord) CD

- HIROKI SASAJIMA: Nine (self released) CDR

- JACQUES LASRY: Chronophagie (Columbia) LPR

- JOHN MITCHELL: The Way of Eiheiji (Folkways) CDR

- JORGE REYES: The Flayed God (Staalplaat) CD

- JOSEF ANTON RIEDL: Klangregionen 1951-2007 (Edition RZ) CD x 2

- KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN: Musik Im Bauch (Deutsche Grammophon) LPR

- MARC BEHRENS: Sleppet (Cronica) CD

- MICHIKO TOYAMA: Waka And Other Compositions (Folkways) CDR

- MIGUEL ANGEL CORA: En Rouge Et Noir (Cramps / Strange Days) CD

- NINO ROTA: Fellini Satyricon (United Artists) LPR

- PETR KOTIK: First Record (Cramps / Strange Days) CD

- ROLAND KAYN: Electronic Symphony 1-3 (Rieger-Records-Reeks) CD x 2

- VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Tomorrow People (Trunk) CD

- VARIOUS ARTISTS: Folk Music From Sweden: Lockrop & Vallatar (Caprice) CD

Other Favorite Discoveries From Previous Years, But No Physical Copy Yet:

- Akio Suzuki: "Suzuki Type- Glass Harmonica" (Gelbe Musik) CDR

- Alain Kremski: Musiques Rituelles Pour Cloches Et Gongs (Auvidis) LPR

- Dr. Jeffrey Thompson: Sri Yantra (Center for Neuroacoustic Research) CD

- Joel Andrews: The Violet Flame (The Group, Inc) LPR

- Marie-Claude Robert: Supranatural (Editions Montparnasse) LPR

- Master Wilburn Burchette: Psychic Meditation Music (Burchette Brothers) LPR

- Pierre Henry: Spatiodynamisme (Éditions Du Griffon) 7"

- Peter Van Riper: Room Space - New Music For Saxophones (VRBLU) LPR

- Sergio Montori & Gian Paolo Chiti: Quadri Antichi (Duse Records) LPR

- Tchen Gi-Vane: Song Of Une Noyade Et Le Shadow (S3TI Production) CD