Friday, November 20, 2009

Richard Garet: Four Malleable

catalog number: and/34
title: Four Malleable
format: CD x 2


"My work over the last several years has focused on the investigation of

aural phenomena, environment, spatial listening, structure, natural and

evolving processes, function, possibilities, and materiality. My interests

have led me to explore acoustics, psychoacoustics, binaural beats, and

diverse methods of recording sound, and the application of systems and

strategies, which have served as the fundamental departure towards

achieving my work."(Richard Garet)

"I'm very happy to announce and present Four Malleable, which comprises

what are among Richard's best compositions from four different years:

Imaginative Elements (2004), From Modified Tapes (2005), Sceneries

(2006), and Nocturne (2009). Four previously unreleased works that

place the mind's eye inside malleable forms and blurred locations. As is my

tendency to often draw comparisons to the world of cinema, this release

at times can feel very reminiscent of the well known scene in Antonioni's

"Deserto Rosso" where actress Monica Vitti watches as her friends slowly

fade into the hazy distance without anyone actually moving. While this

connection was not intentional on the part of Richard, it is quite

pertinent to a/O since he is to have a track featured as part of the

upcoming CD project entitled "Michelangelo Antonioni –Trilogy & Epilogue"

which casts its conceptual lens on Antonioni's tetralogy of films which

includes "Deserto Rosso". It was partially because of hearing the works

later featured on Four Malleable (among other works) that he was invited

to participate in the project." (Dale Lloyd - a/O)