Monday, May 28, 2007

new directions

Chances are highly likely that if you are reading this blog, then
you have already seen the new website design. This major change
marks the beginning of a new phase for the label (and Diffusion shop).
"What is this new phase", you might ask?

I have several new ideas to try to implement, like possibly an a/O
MP3 label (despite my usual grumbling about how the proliferation of
this kind of thing has lead to the present crisis of "information
overload." Anyway, it should be mentioned that an MP3 label
would be in addition to the existing physical label, and would be a
part of the a/O site. I would also like to take a cue from Miguel
at Conv, and provide links to downloadible PDFs of inserts for
printing. Stay tuned...


Dodds said...

The MP3 label sounds intriguing. Perhaps some older out of print releases, unreleased live, rare bits, etc.?

Kudos to you for the high quality label and diverse shop. You are doing one heck of a job!

and/OAR said...

Thanks Dodds!

Very much appreciated.
Your feedback and suggestions from other people will really help shape what I would try to do in the future with not only an MP3 label, but with the Diffusion shop and main label as well.

Best Regards, Dale