Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Operations at a/O were on auto-pilot for a few days
while the writer/artist/curator TJ Norris was in town
for the Decibel festival. TJ and I were on a discussion
panel pertaining to the current state (and future of)
music writing, and we also attended other various events
at the festival. Unfortunately, I didn't take very many
photos and the ones I did take, didn't turn out very well.

Highlights for me included Akira Rabelais / Carole Kim (visuals),
William Basinski, OffTheSky, Tujiko Noriko, Kamran Sadeghi,
and Balún. There was also a discussion panel regarding
music licensing and monetizing music, while informative,
also proved to be dreadfully uninspiring since most of the
panelists were steeped in an old paradigm mindset…
My suspicions were confirmed when I asked a question
pertaining to the overstepping of jurisdiction of major labels
and organizations like ASCAP and BMI when it comes to
listening to the CDs we buy outside of our confined private
spaces, and the panelists not only tried to justify the stance
of the aforementioned organizations, but they also jokingly
refered to me as being “rebellious”(?)…

Hello? If we buy CDs, we should have the right to play them
just about anywhere we choose without getting threatened
with a licensing fee for doing so. Sending out minions to
search for CDs being played outside a particular environment
reeks of corporate fascism and should be outlawed because
it impinges upon individual rights. Playing a CD is not the same
thing as copying and/or giving it away on a blog without
permission, and while I think artists and recording labels should
receive compensation for their work, I also think that the
jurisdiction of organizations like BMI or ASCAP (in the USA)
should be thoroughly re-examined and revised. As it turns out,
one of the a/O artists has joined such an organization in Europe
that tries to charge a licensing fee even if a sample is featured
on a website(!) which is self-defeating and unproductive.
I can
tell you that if such an organization tries to charge me fees for
promoting work that I spend money to release, then I will start
asking the artist for compensation fees, because so far, the
artists don't have to pay anything for the CDs I publish for them.

Apart from that nonsense, I had a fantabulous time at dinner
with Akira Rabelais, William Basinski, Carole Kim and TJ on
Saturday night, which was a very nice way to end the festival,
since TJ was heading back to Portland and I had to get back
to work, therefore skipping Sunday’s events.


TJ said...

Ditto, what he said. :)

tui said...

Hello Dale, just to say hi really and introduce myself to you ... I am quite new to 'blog-land' and popped you in my links ... I also just contributed a track to the KESH '88 Tapes' project and the Mandorla 'Autumn' compilation too ... I really like what you have done with AND/OAR and look forward to hearing yours on the compilation ( when Simon sends me one :)
Best best

tui ( Orla Wren/ Nootk )

and/OAR said...

Ah, I'm a bit late with replies... but thanks very much Tui! I should check out your tracks. Admittedly I never downloaded the Mandorla project because the website kept crashing my browser when I tried it a long time ago. I don't have the Kesh comp either, but I'm sure it will come soon enough.