Monday, June 15, 2009

Tomoko Sauvage: Ombrophilia & Billy Gomberg: Comme

and/OAR couldn't be happier to present two highly anticipated debut CDs
that also happen to be
the third CD releases from both either/OAR and
mOAR divisions of and/OAR.

catalog number: either/3
title: Ombrophilia
format: CD

Ombrophilia was praised by Momus in Wire magazine and given a spotlight
on the Wire website months before the CD was even released. I knew
Tomoko's work was something special from the moment I heard it, so to
have such high profile attention paid to it was pleasantly surprising
as it was affirming. After a break spent in Japan, Tomoko plans to return
to Europe (where she's lived for many years) for some live dates.

catalog number: moar3
title: Comme
format: CD

"Electronic sound caught gazing at its own physicality,
acoustics in love with their own abstraction."

If this statement exemplifies Comme to a fault, then the cover
art would only confirm it. Music that seems to take on a personality
of its own immediately after birth during the first track, then
gradually wandering off to further contemplate its place in a new
found sonic world with Billy and the rest of us following along as
dazed observers.

Billy was one of the artists who performed at the and/OAR
label showcase in New York City, and he plans to do a west coast
tour later in 2009 (starting from Vancouver BC, Canada), so keep
an eye out for cities and dates on Billy's website and MySpace page.


Anonymous said...

Are any of your releases available for download via Itunes, Emusic, Other Music, etc.?

and/OAR said...

No. I would prefer to have people buy the CDs (at my reasonable prices) and do their own transfers to iPods or iTunes instead of selling people what amounts to a "non-product" that doesn't exist outside the computer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rapid reply. I quit buying CDs 1 1/2 years ago. I don't need product: I just want music. Price isn't an issue for me as much as sustainability of materials, storage space, and ease of transport.

I'll hold out until/if you change you mind. Looking forward to hearing the Ombrophilia release some day. The samples I've heard, to date, are divine.

and/OAR said...

Sorry for the late reply.
Thanks for your compliment.

I understand where you're coming from regarding storage, etc. I used to sell MP3 releases, although I was not impressed with sales and I also realized that in order for me to sell something, it needs to have value as an investment. CDs, DVDs, books and records are investments. They usually have some kind of monetary value that can increase over time. MP3s have no investment value and do not accrue such value over time.

While I mostly do this because I love music, designing and publishing, I cannot keep doing it without monetary compensation, nor could anyone who is employed with any other kind of work. I suppose there will always be people who want to only listen to music, and those who want more for their money than a sound file, so I will continue to cater to the latter group of people because that is where my personal interest is.

Thanks for listening,