Sunday, November 18, 2012

Marc Behrens: Unit

title: Unit
catalog number: and/41
release year: 2012
format: CD

Admittedly, this announcement comes a bit late here on the a/O blog due partially to spending more time using the a/O newsletter, Facebook, and now Twitter for most label news. Although having discovered that a large number of people connected to the Facebook page have not been seeing the posts due to intentional intervention on the part of Facebook, and because many of the newsletter subscribers are not seeing or receiving the e-mails (spam filters?), I'm needing to use all available means to raise awareness about the label and its activities. That might mean, giving MySpace a visit for the first time in many months as well.

Anyway, for more information about this release and to hear a sample, please visit the link above. There was a limited edition book/CD version, but it is already sold out.

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