Saturday, June 30, 2007

michelangelo antonioni: an open invitation

In addition to the related CD project, I am also posting a public call for
submissions for sound artists to submit work to be considered
for an MP3 counterpart release that will be made available as part of
a future and/OAR MP3 catalog of new works that will exist in addition
to the CD/CDR catalog.

The new MP3 catalog will be available, in cooperation with a Swedish
company called Klicktrack, and artists will be given the option to either
receive a percent of the proceeds, or some other arrangement can be
agreed upon.

And so without further ado...


Antonioni was well known for not being too keen to use music in his
films, partially because he wanted the films to tell their stories free
from additional "gloss". Therefore, music was sparsely used if at all in
some cases. Antonioni considered the natural sounds or "background
noises" of a film to be of enormous importance, and considered this
to be the "true music" of a film. Composer Giovanni Fusco, whose work
is featured in most of Antonioni's films of the late 1950s to the early
'60s said, "the first rule for any musician who intends to collaborate
with Antonioni, "is to forget that he is a musician."

However, it is another composer that Antonioni worked with, that I
will want to acknowledge with the CD release; because if it were not for
his pioneering minimal electronic music featured in "Deserto Rosso",
this project might not have come together at all.
His name is Vittorio Gelmetti.
Gelmetti's minimal electronic work has consistently come to mind while
listening to certain pieces by a few of the artists who will be featured on
the CD release, which is going to be focused upon Antonioni's "Tetralogy".

I have decided to focus on what are often refered to as Antonioni's
informal "Tetralogy":
- L'Avventura (The Adventure, 1959)
- La Notte (The Night, 1960)
- L'Eclisse (The Eclipse, 1962)
- Deserto Rosso (Red Desert, 1964)

However, it is with the MP3 release, that I would like to open the
inspiration to include all of Antonioni's films. So, if you are reading this
and are interested in submitting work, please be familar with his films.
These projects are intended for enthusiasts only, and if I recieve work
that has no seeming connection to the subject matter, it will not be

- Track Length: Each track should not be much longer than 7 minutes.
Artists can submit more than one piece for consideration.
- Formats For Submissions: Please send audio or data CDRs containing
WAVs or AIFFs only. Once contact is made, I will send a mailing
address to send the disc to.
- Deadline: December 1st, 2007.

When composing pieces, please consider including the use of environmental
recordings as part of the piece in some way (straight, processed, mixed,
live recordings, etc is OK). How you decide to do this is completely up to you.
The reason I ask this is because of the underlying concept of and/OAR as a
label. However, I might make allowances for some of the tracks to not use
field recordings, like in the case of using instruments, but most of the
tracks should incorporate a field recording element in some way.
And I must ask everyone to refrain from using any music or dialogue from
the actual films.

Once the final track selection is made, everyone will be contacted as to
whether their track was selected or not.
If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Best Regards, Dale


"Antonioni's lifelong effort (was) to uncover the meanings of things beneath
the mystery of their appearances. " - Seymour Chatman (Antonioni: Or, The Surface Of The World)

"Antonioni asks us to take a slow, steady look at the world around us,
to forget our ordinary preoccupations, and to contemplate that which lies
slightly athwart them." - Seymour Chatman (Antonioni: Or, The Surface Of The World)

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