Saturday, June 30, 2007

new project: antonioni's tetralogy

Alas, work on the next film-related CD release project has already begun...

The release is slated for sometime in 2008.
This project focuses its lense upon the great Italian film director
Michelangelo Antonioni and his great "Tetralogy".
The title for this release is tentative and subject to change.

The tetralogy of films include:
- L'Avventura (The Adventure, 1959)
- La Notte (The Night, 1960)
- L'Eclisse (The Eclipse, 1962)
- Deserto Rosso (Red Desert, 1964)

Artists confirmed thus far:
- Asher (USA)
- Marc Behrens (Germany)
- Olivia Block (USA)

- Juan Jose Calarco (Argentina)
- Alan Courtis (Argentina)
- Lawrence English (Australia)
- Fhievel (Italy)
- Richard Garet (USA)
- Marihiko Hara (Japan)
- I8U (Canada)
- Jason Kahn (Switzerland / USA)
- Dale Lloyd (USA)
- Roel Meelkop (Netherlands)
- Pali Meursault (France)
- Ben Owen (USA)
- Gabriel Paiuk (Argentina)
- Tomas Phillips (USA)
- J. Winston Phillips (Canada)
- Antti Rannisto (Finland)
- Adam Sonderberg (USA)
- Steinbruchel (Switzerland)
- Luigi Turra (Italy)
- Tyler Wilcox & Corey Fuller (USA)

As with previous CD projects of this nature, it is not my intention to invite
everyone who is a fan of a director's work. The artists are invited in particular
because certain aspects of their previous work indicated artistic /aesthetic
qualities of which would fit well within the overall vision of a particular project.
In addition, these projects are never intended to function as a label showcase
or a standard various artist compilation. If anyone views them as such, then
they are entirely missing the point.

Even though the artists have been invited and are currently working
on their submissions for the next CD project, I would like to do something I
have not done with previous film projects. I have also posted a general call for
submissions for pieces that would be considered for an MP3 sub-project
to be issued as part of the upcoming and/OAR MP3 catalog.
Essentially, there will be two projects pertaining to Antonioni:
the CD release which will focus on the Tetralogy; and the MP3 release
which will be more open-ended to embrace all of the director's work.

Since these projects tend to generate a lot of interest from artists,
and because it is not my wish to make each project more than
two CDs, I've decided to take this route and give more artists a
chance to create work.

To see the guidelines for the MP3 release, scroll down to the next post...


"Antonioni's lifelong effort (was) to uncover the meanings of things

beneath the mystery of their appearances."
- Seymour Chatman (Antonioni: Or, The Surface Of The World)

"Antonioni asks us to take a slow, steady look at the world

around us,
to forget our ordinary preoccupations, and to contemplate that which lies
slightly athwart them." - Seymour Chatman (Antonioni: Or, The Surface Of The World)


punck said...

Hi Dale.

"Deserto Rosso" was filmed in my city (Ravenna )and in the same year i was born.I would like join in this
great project. I will go with microphones on the same location 43 years after.......

paolo i. said...

count me and Laura in, we'd love to participate :)

(i'll write you soon more extensively about this!)

and/OAR said...

Grazie Adriano and Paolo!

Very cool that Red Desert was
filmed in your hometown during your birth year!

I used to live in an area of Seattle called Ravenna, but that's the extent of my connection... ;o)

Ciao, Dale