Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Arsenije Jovanovic: Galiola, Works For Radio 1967-2000

Happy Spring!

At long last, after a split release with composer Ivana Stefanovic
in 1993 (on ORF), and a first solo release on Eric La Casa's La
Légende Des Voix label in 1994, and/OAR (in collaboration with
FO A RM Publications and Alluvial Recordings) is simply elated to
release a second solo CD of previously unreleased work by Serbian
composer/film, television and theatre director Arsenije Jovanovic!

From what sound like theatrical Fellini Satyricon-like extravaganzas
(although predating Satyricon by two years), haunting phantasmic
dronescapes, to near pastoral epiphanies of childhood and the
imagination of innocence, the dynamic range and mood of the
work presented here is impressive, and it's well apparent that he's
drawn upon his experience with directing for film, television and
theatre; however Jovanovic's mastery of composition, weaving
field recordings, concrete sounds, voices and instruments is still
nothing short of astonishing.

When presented with this work for a possible joint release by
Seth Nehil of FO A RM Publications, it was hard to fathom how
it had gone unreleased over the past 30 years. With the exception
of one track ("Prophecy Of The Village Kremma" which was used
in the film "The Thin Red Line"), the only way that people could
hear this work were if they had just happened to catch a rare
radio broadcast in Serbia (former Yugoslavia), France or
Italy, for which the works were created (hence the title), or if
they attended a festival where the music may have been

And so it is my hope to open people's minds and expose Arsa
Jovanovic's work to a much larger audience of which it truly
deserves. Copies of his first solo release are still available in
the and/OAR Diffusion shop, so if you are not yet acquainted
with Arsa's work, now would be a great time to immerse yourself
in two collections of his work while copies are still available,
and at and/OAR prices.

Best Wishes,

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