Friday, June 6, 2008

Yuki Kaneko: Rut

catalog number: moar2
title: rut
format: CD

"Rut" is a beautiful sparkling kaleidoscopic homage to the common
wonders of day to day life that displays Yuki's great talent for subtly
weaving together complex textures of electronic and acoustic sound
sources into cleverly abstract melodic musings. As with Sawako Kato's
debut release a few years ago on and/OAR, this will also prove to be
another perfect CD for Spring and Summer. Initially released on
Magic Book Records in Japan just a few months prior, this US release
of "Rut" is quite different in that it has been remastered with some
tracks being completely re-constructed and/or remixed, plus one of
the Magic Book tracks was replaced with a new one. In our
opinionated opinon, this is the quintessential version of Yuki Kaneko's
"Rut" and mOAR is very happy to make it available!

NOTES: Apart from some quibbles regarding minor pre-press
glitches which somehow managed to escape my critical gaze,
I'm still pleased with the overall outcome.
I had originally wanted to use uncoated stock for the digipak (like I
did for the Mou, Lips! CD), but having encountered a rather costly
printing problem trying to use uncoated stock for the oSone release,
I opted to play it safe and stick with a matte finish for "Rut".
The oSone release was reprinted on high gloss because at that time
I wasn't sure how matte stock would look. It wasn't until the
Jovanovic: Galiola CD was made (with the matte) that I realized that
it was a better than the average digipak stock.

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