Sunday, February 15, 2009

NYC update plus review of performances at The Stone

Olivia Block and Adam Sonderberg @ The Stone, NYC.

The events in NYC went very well and I was very happy with the
performances. Richard Garet was more than a gracious host during my
stay and it was great to hang out with him, Ben Owen, Kamran Sadeghi,
Gill Arno, Adam Sonderberg, Olivia Block, Billy Gomberg and Richard
Kamerman before and after the shows. There are some photos posted
on the a/O MySpace and Facebook pages. Thanks to Sawako for photos
taken at The Stone and thanks to Billy Gomberg for recording the
performances at The Stone. We shall see if any of the recordings will see
the light of day on the a/O site in the future. Unfortunately,
no recordings were made at Diapason.

Brian Olewnick wrote a review of the Stone event:

Ben Owen and Richard Garet @ Diapason, NYC.

Sawako @ The Stone, NYC.

Billy Gomberg @ The Stone, NYC.

Kenneth Kirschner and Asher @ The Stone, NYC.

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