Monday, February 23, 2009

Lasse-Marc Riek: Das Teilen Der Flügel

catalog number: and.p35

title: Das Teilen Der Flügel
release year: 2009


It might be hard to believe at times upon listening , but the next online
release from the main division of and/OAR features one composed work of
field recordings and one straight field recording (again, with
no processing).
Just as the image for this release appears to have been
by a lot of processing, it only features a simple overlay of two
photographs, much like the first track of this release, so
sometimes even
simple things are not what they seem!

Anyway, and/OAR is happy to feature a release by this German sound artist
(and founder of the recording label Gruenrekorder)!
Lasse has not only been
a very active recordist, but he's also been very active in the global field
recording community over the past few years, and has done a lot in helping
raise awareness
about environmental sound and field recording as an artistic
pursuit. We owe a lot to his continued efforts and enthusiasm
It's very impressive.

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