Monday, February 23, 2009

Jim Denley & Kim Myhr: Systems Realignment

catalog number: either/1
title: Systems Realignment
format: CD

I’m very happy (and relieved) to finally announce this first release on the
either/OAR division. Ever since I first heard Kim Myhr’s guitar work, I knew
I had to have him launch the new division, not only because he is
so good,
and because he is relatively unknown outside of Norway
and a small group of
international improv people, but also to
set the bar high in paving the way
for things to come on this divison of the label. Last year I jumped at the
chance to publish
this stellar CD of recordings with amazing improv veteran
Jim Denley.

Watch out for these guys live, for they might end up performing at a town
near you, since they are touring quite often these days.

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