Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dropp Ensemble: Safety

catalog number: either/2
title: Safety
format: CD

The second of the first two either/OAR releases has arrived and is now
available for your enjoyment!

Honestly, it was because of hearing their 7" entitled "Ingen Tid" and this
release as a demo that made me have a relisten to the
second Dropp
Ensemble CD and other Sonderberg productions
of previous years that I
had only given a cursory listen to. I was amazed at how my perception
had shifted.
I basically heard them 'anew' after being 'informed' by "Safety"
and "Ingen Tid". I suddenly knew 'what' to listen for. It was
like being
initiated into some kind of secret knowledge that I
wasn't ready for until
the time was right. Well the right time
is now for the uninitiated and
initiated alike. Welcome to ' Safety'.

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